“Portia’s father, Brother Jeremiah, was much more memorable. Played by Mark Saunders, the sexually-frustrated magistrate had more than a couple show-stopping lines that sent the audience into complete hysterics.”​

Emma Hellmer,

The Daily Cardinal

Little Shop
"I especially enjoyed the casting of Mark Saunders as Ronette...Saunders was wonderful, his baritone anchored the trio and he never missed a step, despite the high heels..."

Donna Parone,

St. Louis Public Radio

of horrors
“...a delightful time of laughter, honesty, genuine storytelling, and delightful singing. Such a treat.”

Donna Parone,

St. Louis Public Radio

“Magically talented and hilarious!!”
everything's fine:
a bear in search of his honey
“It was perfect!” 
The Lieutenant

Kevin Brackett,

of Inishmore

“Saunders and Brinkley have great chemistry, as they work together to deal with the absurd hand they’ve been dealt… if the delivery was off it wouldn’t work. Fortunately that isn’t the case here, with both actors completely submerged into this twisted tale.”

Suicide, Inc.

"Saunders camps up the perky assistant, garnering much of the evening's laughter with excellent timing, and providing a soft heart for the story."

Robert Mitchell, KDHX